Is Your Sulphate free shampoo actually sulphate free?!

This post came to mind the other day when I had bought a shampoo and conditioner at clicks ( I am a sucker for the 3 for 2 specials) and on the front of the shampoo it clearly said “Sulphate free” but when I got home and examined the ingredients I found that it is not. You see, companies have become pro’s at hiding ingredients in products. So here is what to look out for…

how to tell if a shampoo is sulfate free

So Sulphate, sulfate,Sodium Chloride Sulphate are salts used in the production of shampoo products. Salt is fabulous at cleaning and this is why it is use. BUT it also dries out the hair, strips Brazilian keratin treatments as well as color and this can result in your loosing the effects of your salon visit a lot sooner than you need to.

If you google sulphate you will get the no 1 sulphate that is “Salt” also known as Sodium Chloride Sulphate. Sulphates are cleansers, hence why it’s used in shampoo’s. But you get harmful sulphates, and you get sulphates which main purpose is to clean the hair.
Although salt is an amazing cleanser, this sulphate (Sodium Chloride Sulphate), it dries out the hair, strips brazilian keratin treatments as well as colour.
So a lot of brands will claim they are Sulphate free, but if you look at the ingredients at the back, the second ingredient will be “Sodium Chloride”. Which is a lot thereof. Which means your product is NOT Sulphate free!

We pay a fortune at the salon to get our hair done and obviously would prefer it to last as long as possible. If your color is fading fast or your hair is frizzy again too soon after that Brazilian treatment, then chances are that sulfate is the problem. This is also one of the reasons I believe in investing in a good range of salon products for your hair, they are more trustworthy. INOAR is one of the top brands for a truly trustworthy sulphate free shampoo.

best sulfate free shampoo

The front of the bottle may claim to be Sulfate free but when you read the ingredients you find sodium chloride. It is a salt used in shampoos and it will result in your color and treatment washing out sooner than you want it to.

It takes a bit of getting used to using a sulfate free shampoo as it tends to not foam as much as one filled with sulfate but that does not mean it is not cleaning your hair properly. You do not want your hair overly cleansed to the point where you are washing off all the natural oils and everything that is good for your hair, this can result in your hair being dried out.

If you have been following my hair adventures then you will know I have gone from almost black to bright pink and purple and now I am on the blonde side of life. I have put my hair through hell the last few months but it is holding up really well, one of the reasons for this is that I am picky with what I wash my hair with. I only use sulphate free shampoo.

Sulphate free shampoo on grey hair

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